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Thread: JailBreak + Windows + Custom FW = I'm lost

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    Default JailBreak + Windows + Custom FW = I'm lost
    ok guys im completly lost, i just downloaded a custom firmware from this website , but dont know how to just restore my phone with it...

    i used the search button but didnt find it

    i tried quickpwn , but is quickpwn able to restore from a custom firmware?

    i cant wait to jailbreak my 2.1 but can't find a way

    sorry for my dumbness :P


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    Make sure you have itunes 8 installed

    Put your phone in dfu mode, which is hold down the power button and the home button until your phone shuts off. When your phone shuts off remover your finger from the power button, but leave your finger on the home button for at least 10 more seconds or until your itunes finds your phone in dfu mode. When itunes says your phone is in dfu mode, hold shify key down, and click restore , now find your custom firmware and load it. Thats it. I hope that helps

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    doesnt seem to get into dfu mod. i hold home + power and when it shuts off i keep home pressed but it never gets into dfu mod

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    hmm, ok here is a easy way to get it into dfu mode, download zip phone, you are just going to use that to get it into dfu mode. when you download it and install it and run it. Just click advance settings and click put in dfu mode

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    did u jailbreak ur 3g using that method? cuz i think ill get the error 6 , but ill try it anyways

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    Wait well i dont have iphone 3g, but i dont think that will be a problem. But in you want to make sure just use google or maybe some one here can answer that for you

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    yah i get error 6

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    God I hope you can fix this, everything i am reading about on error 6 is a broken iphone

    Read iPhone could not restore, error code 6 - iPhone 3G | iPod touch Forums
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    i got error 1600 now

    ok i just tried something and it worked haha thanks anyways
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    What did you try in case some one else has a problem like that, I am getting my 3g phone friday.

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    i used winpwn with an older firmware like 2.0.1 and did all the normal step, build the custom firmware and went thru all the steps, now winpwn will ask u to go into dfu mod and it will show u how.Do it but get ready ( open task manager ) when ur phone restarts you will see a white screen, when u see that screen kill the process winpwn.exe (end task). Now ur done , just open itunes and it will detect ur phone in dfu mode, just do **** click restore with ur costum built ispw and it should work. thats what i did and it worked flawlessly

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