So I was out of town and out of nowhere my phone stops responding. Seems like the power is still on but it won't recognize any push f any buttons. So I take it, already jailbroken on 2.0.1, and restore to apples new 2.1 release. Now back in town I have no Internet connection for my laptop where I live. I already had a custom 2.0.2 firmware that I was going to jailbreak to but since I don't have Internet iTunes won't allow me to restore my iPhone because it can't connect to the update servers. When I have my phone turned on it will allow me to shift + click and let me select the custom fimware. So my question is Dfu mode a necessity in jailbreakjng to a custom firmware? I havnt tried to jailbreak without dfu mode in fear of being stuck with an unwirking
iPhone and not being able to restore because iTunes won't recognize the device in dfu mode without Internet connectivity.

I have ran a few searches on this topic but was unable to find anything a is kind of a tedious job on an iPhone. Since I'm on my phone I also apologize for any typing errors. Thanks for the help.