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Thread: Noob-proof JBin'

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    hi folks,

    As I bought my 3G, a few friends and colleagues followed the move, so I'm pretty sure they're waiting for me to JB'or'brick my phone before moving on.

    I've been reading a lot on MMI and followed a few links to guides and HowTo's saying it's safe and that "only a small %tage fail"... But everything I read in here says either "error", "bricked" or "help!!".... (ok, and more says "flawless", I know) Don't take me wrong, I'm doing it, I was just waiting for the phone to be stable (enough) , and 2.1 seems the right moment.

    I remember the hacking of the PSP, and how many guys managed to brick their girlfriends' device just by ignoring instructions written in caps with exclamation marks such as "make sure the PsP is fully charges and plugged" .

    So I'm wondering if you guys could possibly chime in with some DO NOTs list from past succesful/bad JBing experience. I'm not asking for an other tutorial, rather for crucial hints that might have been overlooked by writters.
    I mean there IS an awfull lot of people failing, so there must be some common wrong moves or amateur's errors. iTunes managed to fry my first 3G already so I'm pretty sure the store won't like handing over a third iPhone in 6 weeks

    Thanks on advance for your time

    2.1 seems good enough for now

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    Well first of all, it is almost impossible to actually totally brick your iphone from what I have experienced no matter what happens there is usually a way out of it as I am sure most people would agree with me, Pwning/Jailbreaking at this point in time is very easy, My suggestion would be to use quickpwn instead of pwngetool, I have been doin this for a long time and for the first time every i could not get pwngetool to work, I am not sure if it was itunes 8 or what but that is why u are seeing alot of 1600, 1601 errors in the forums and such, But QuickPwn worked flawless for me and about 3 other phones i did, so that would be my suggestion

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    It is super easy to do now. Grab a customized firmware from here and do a shift+restore while in iTunes 8 and you are good to go. When ever the firmware is finished loading it asks you to either 1.Set up as a new phone or 2.Restore from a backup. I always set mine up as a new phone seeing how I don't want to transfer any of the bugs etc(apparent or unapparent) from the last backup.

    The thing that single handedly helped me the most was to sync my contacts with Windows Address Book. If you have a bunch of numbers in your phone, fire up the Address book and create one fake entry in it so that when you sync the first time it will transfer your numbers to the Address book and then back and forth thereafter. Otherwise it will wipe your iPhone clean of all of your contacts. Afterwards just browse through your contacts in your phone and delete the fake contact you created in Windows.

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    cheers guys. I was just wondering about contacts and bookmarks...

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