Hello, first time posting here.

I just got a 8gb original iphone (EDGE, 2G) and it was already jailbroken but not unlocked. I don't know what it was jailbroken with either. I'm on T-mobile, so being only jailbroken obviously isn't enough.

I went and downloaded WinPwn 2.5 and iLiberty+ For Windows XP. Which should I use?

Yes, I'm aware 1.1.4 is an old firmware but what benefits do I get with 2.0.2? How stable is it? If I use WinPwn will I be able to access the app store and other apps freely as well as finally have this phone unlocked?

I also read that tzones hacks, and some apps (google maps and youtube) have problems on 2.0.2.; but work perfectly on 1.1.4.

Please help, I'm a noob at this sort of stuff.