you really thought zibri came up with an unlock?????


as usual he is waiting for the dev-team to finish their work so he can "copy" it.

so for all you zibri lovers, heres what the DEV-TEAM is doing for us. while zibri gets all pissy on his blog.


If you’ve been following the technical aspects of our blog since July, you may have noticed that we’ve asserted multiple times that Apple can’t fix the bug we’ve exploited in PwnageTool unless they fix their hardware.
That hardware fact is still true. But one way they can try to combat Pwnage for existing hardware is to program iTunes to detect and prevent the Pwnage exploit. In fact, they’ve already done that in iTunes 8. The screenshot below from iTunes 8 using a Pwned ipsw (with an unPwned device attached) is one example. The nice thing about iTunes decisions is that we can provide you with patches to counter them. We have one such patch already for Mac iTunes 8 for iPod touch. We’ll be working out the full suite of patches for all the combinations over the next week.


so who is really the masters of the iphone?

not zibri. deal with it.