hey guyz,

I have a 1st gen iphone v1.1.1 which is jailbroken and unlocked.

1) I am confused How to upgrade it to any of the 2.x versions , if yes which one should I go for ? (2.0,2.01 or 2.02)

2) HOW CAN I upgrade my phone to 2.x???? ( I already have winpwn 2.5 and itunes v 7.7.1) - Are these versions ok to upgrade my iphone?

3) What is bootneuter and bootloaders 3.9/4.6 , which should i download and from where plus how do i get the restore file for my iphone v1.1.1 to create the custom firmware?

I know i have many questions but im really fedup of my old firmware. I will really appreciate your help.

p.s I know firmware 2.1 is comming out today but i still need to upgrade to the best 2.x firmware which has less bugs issues. I have windows vista as my OS.