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Thread: Upgrading to 2.1?

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    Default Upgrading to 2.1?
    I, like many others, am eagerly awaiting the 2.1 release on Friday. I have a pwn'd phone and was curious, how dangerous is it really to upgrade to 2.1? Has apple EVER in the past released an upgrade that prevented jailbreaking?


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    I would wait. Apple have always tried to prevent it, but failed every time....hahaha. The devs are working on it.

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    Every update apple has ever made had some sort of means of preventing a jailbreak, but the dev team has gotten around it every time. In some cases they were able to get it with just the beta, so there was a JB already available when the newest firmware became available to the masses. This seems to not be the case for 2.1, meaning we will have to wait a little while after it is released to get a JB working. It is always possible that Apple did a far better job this time than times before, but I highly doubt it.
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    I'm not so sure that Apple intentionally tried to block jailbreaking with each new iteration of firmware. I think that the firmwares had just enough code changed to interfere with the process in many cases.

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    so is there any luck so far in the jailbreak of the 2.1 and is it safe to upgrade your itunes??

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    yes... just upgrade

    EDIT: nope, NOT jailbreak; only unlock and activation

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    so yes upgrade itunes and not to 2.1 firmware yet?

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    u can upgrade, but ull lose jailbreak.

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    ok so the verdict of the day is do not upgrade till updates come out for pwnage

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    Apple obviously knows people like to mod / customize their products and I doubt they would go out of their way to squash that consumer base. The only thing they will focus on is the "unlocking" aspect because of their contract with AT&T etc.

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    When a jailbreak occurs, it is due to an exploitation somewhere in code. Naturally, Apple wants to fix these exploits, so that someone other than those who want to help (read: hackers, ID Thieves, Internet Criminals) cannot get in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dylantracy7702 View Post
    ok so the verdict of the day is do not upgrade till updates come out for pwnage
    sorry but this post is completely stupid, not just a little.

    That is always the verdict.

    Hey guess I am leaving my house and the only keys are inside, should I lock the door or get my keys first?

    Ok verdict after I talked with people is get my keys first, thanks.

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