Hey guys, I just read a post about the apple logo of death and I don't know if it explains my problem, but here it is:

I originally had the 1.1.3 firmware, upgraded to 1.1.4, pwned it, upgraded to 2.0, pwned it, and finally upgraded to 2.0.1 and pwned it. I then bought a hell of a lot of apps from the appstore and installed them on my iphone 2G (about 35 apps). One of the apps froze and I had to do a hard reset, upon which, and here's the kicker, the phone never booted pass the apple logo.

I restored the phone 2 times (pwned) and it still did the same thing both times.

I then decided to downgrade the phone back to 2.0 to see if 2.0.1 was the problem, and guess what, no change, it did the same thing again.

So I finally said screw this and downgraded back down to 1.1.4.

Now, fellow iPhone lovers and hackers I need your expertise. What do you think happened to my phone?

Do you think it's permanent and now every time I upgrade to 2.0.* it's never going to boot pass the apple logo after a reset?

Should I upgrade at all or stick to the stability of 1.1.4?

Thanks in advance.