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Thread: how risky is it to upgrade from 1.1.4 to the latest firmware?

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    Default how risky is it to upgrade from 1.1.4 to the latest firmware?
    i bought an unlocked jailbroken iphone 2g running firmware 1.1.4 from a store in hong kong a few months back

    it has worked perfectly for me so far but i am tempted to upgrade to the latest firmware to be able to use the app store

    i dont need unofficial apps but i need my phone unlocked to use various sim cards as i am currently travelling around the world

    i will have to do the upgrade in a net cafe on some random windows machine - most likely running xp

    i have read of various problems on these forums - and i cannot afford to be left with a non-functioning phone

    is there a foolproof way of doing this yet?

    or is there likely to be in the near future?


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    Whatever you decide to do, make it fast because if the rumors are true, 2.1 firmware should be coming in today. If you can have a copy of the 2.0.2 firmware and use winpwn to jailbreak your phone. Go to for the winpwn (pc) or pwnage tool (mac) Then follow the instructions on how to create a custom firmware and restore your phone with the latest firmware and you will have a jailbroken, activated and unlocked iphone (1st gen) along with cydia, installer and the app store. If you need more details, let me know and I will provide the tutorial (mac version) step by step.

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    I had doubts about the upgrade aswell, bu I finally upgraded to 2.0.1 and it works like a charm. Upgrade through WinPWN and your good, if you have any questions contact me and I'll help you out.

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    winpwn 2.5 works verywell. however dont believe you will get itunes on a net cafe system.

    only thing 114 doesnt have over 2.0 are app store apps. not sure this is worth upgrading for at moment. most app store apps are very lame.
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    I'm in the same boat.

    I've got an unlocked/jailbroken 2g iPhone running v1.1.4 on AT&T (not officially activated, as I refuse to sign a 2 year contract for a used phone) and I am wanting to switch to firmware v2.0.2.

    I finally got my mitts on itunes 7.7.1, quickpwn, the bootloaders, etc. However - since my phone is not official if it gets bricked I am out too much money to get a replacement.

    So here is my inquiry:
    What proceedure do I follow to get my phone unlocked and running 2.0.2?
    The QuickPwn Guide says the phone needs to already have the updated firmware before running QuickPwn and jailbreaking it.
    I can use ZiPhone 3.0 fairly easily to activate/unlock/jailbreak my iPhone on 1.1.4, but I cannot upgrade to 2.0.2 with it activated (not unlocked/jailbroken) through ZiPhone. I tried the iTunes shift+restore->select firmware method to upgrade to 2.0.2, but I got error 6. Any suggestions? I assume that error is from the phone being non-factory - but I cant upgrade it until it is activated which means non-factory. I hate Apple and AT&T both.

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