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Thread: Fixes For Common Jailbreaking Problems.

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    Default Fixes For Common Jailbreaking Problems.
    Problem: Phone Scrolls "Bsd Root: md0, major 2, minor 0'
    Fix: Enter DFU Mode And Restore Your iPhone/iPod Touch.

    Problem: No Service After Pwning iPhone 3G
    Fix: Repwn your phone, make sure Activate iPhone is not selected.

    Problem: No Service After Pwning iPhone 2G
    Fix: First restore to 2.0.2 Apple Firmware. Then Repwn under advanced, enable baseband update, update to 4.6, neuter on, unlock on. Repwn and do not interrupt it!

    Problem: No Wi-Fi After Pwning
    Fix: Use Pwnage tool in advanced mode, make sure auto delete of bootneuter is off, and under general make sure to uncheck enable baseband update. Restore to the new .ipsw. Go to settings>General>Auto Lock, set to never. In bootneuter toggle the unlock switch to the other side that it is at now, flash that result. Then go and flip it back to what it used to be, and flash that. Your phones Wifi should work now.

    Problem: After QuickPwn Phone Has No Display
    Fix: Invalid boot image, replace the logo.png with a valid image.

    Problem: iTunes Shows Error 1600 When Restoring
    Fix: Go to /Library/iTunes/Device Support. If there is a file there, delete it, if not make one that says Device Support. Repwn.

    Problem: iPhone In General Misbehaving
    Fix: NEVER restore from backup after pwning or restoring your phone.

    Problem: Crashing Apps
    Fix: Welcome to 2.0 Wait For 2.1!

    Problem: After QuickPwn iPhone Not Activated
    Fix: DFU restore, redo or try Pwnage tool.

    Problem: Application Crash Stuck At Apple Logo
    Fix: Give it 10-20 minutes, then try restarting the phone. If that doesn't work, restore and repwn.

    Problem: Low Signal After Pwning
    Fix: Copy 2.0.2 bundles from Pwnage, add to quickpwn, get the 2.0.2 file and quickpwn to 2.0.2. Grab a 2.0.2 firmware image and quickpwn it.

    Problem: Some other weird problem
    Fix: Repwning it usually works to fix most problems, use a custom firmware and do not restore from backup, if its a wifi/bt/phone issue reflash the baseband with bootneuter.

    Will add more as i notice more common problems
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