Ok, First thing first I just wanna tell everyone that I'm so glad this website is around and these forums are active, this is an awesome website for the iPhone. Another thing is I just wanted to say that I'm completely stoked to get my iPhone jail-broken. I currently have the iPhone 3G 16GB Black, Firmware 2.0.2. What I'm trying to do is use WinPwn 2.5 the beta to jailbreak my iPhone, and i found a great video on youtube how to do it and i was following the steps, and after i installed WinPwn and just double clicked it some weird termination problem came up saying this application cannot be opened or something, so it wont allow me to open WinPwn. Is this because i never had WinPwn installed before like an older version? Anyway I got the firmware 2.0.2 downloaded and it is on my desktop. Now can anyone please help me here i wanna jailbreak my iPhone so bad I've been doing research all day going through several websites and searching google, etc. Please private message me or feel free to AIM me anytime at YouSto1eMYP3nc1L

Thank You,