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Thread: Stuck on Apple Screen

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    Default Stuck on Apple Screen
    Currently my 2G 1.1.4 phone is locked on the Apple screen with the battery draining. Two days ago, I tried to upgrade the firmware to 2.0.2, using winpwn 2.5. Everything looked fine till I went into settings, No Wifi (grayed out) and no Bluetooth. Also when in locked mode, my phone won't recieve calls. It seemed like it was storing all my missed call info till I physically slide to unlock the phone. Did all the reset solutions to no avail. I then tried pwning with 2.0.1 and 2.0. Same ending, process went through without any errors but again no wifi or bluetooth.

    I downgraded the firmware from 2.0 to 1.1.4 (using iTunes 7.5 and iplus 2.0) with no problems. But again no wifi and bluetooth. I really thought downgrading firmware would fix the wifi and bluetooth problem but it didn't.

    I have restored about four times, each with a different unlocking program (iplus 2.0, iliberty+, ziphone), but again to no avail. No wifi and bluetooth.

    I did more research through the forums and then tried Kiphone. It started out fine but Kiphone crashed with my phone stuck on the apple screen. The computer was indicating no activity with Kiphone.

    The only thing I can do with my phone is holding the two buttons and my phone screen will go black. When I press the power button, back to the apple screen.

    iTunes cannot recognize the phone. So I can't restore. Ziphone can't recognize the phone so I can't kick the phone out of dfu mode. Or lets say the phone is not recognized when connected to the laptop. I am stuck with the apple screen just lighted up till the battery dies.

    I was happy with 1.1.4 before being brave to try pwning up to 2.0.x. I'm not ready to throw my phone to the wall but if I can't find a solution in a couple days.....

    So currently my phone is stuck on the apple screen, 1.1.4, maybe the baseband is not the right one, phone is not recognized by any program, the phone I think is charging with the apple screen when I leave it connected to the my laptop(using a vaio with xp home sp2) or on the docking stand.

    My current experiment is to drain the battery and see what happens after that. Maybe it will reset when the battery is dead and then charged.

    Any solutions or theories, experiments will be a big help. I took a gamble and hopefully I still can save my phone.

    Well maybe God helped but after the battery died, I connected it to the laptop and 10 minutes of charging the apple screen came on and my phone was recognized. go figure.

    I restored it and used iliberty+ and everything is in working order.

    Two days of patience and lots of reading on MMi forums paid off.
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    Glad that you got it working again.
    Still, you should be able to upgrade to 2.0.2 using winpwn...and still have reception. On winpwn there are a couple of features that you have to check...activation checked, youtube checked, etc.... i am not sure if you had done that.
    Anyhow now that you know how to bring back the phone to might want to give 2.0.2 another try.

    Good Luck.

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