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Thread: 2.0 Virginizer?

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    Default 2.0 Virginizer?
    Here's the story;

    Friend had a 1.02 1st gen iPhone sitting in box since getting a new 3G phone. I charged it up and upgraded it to 2.02 with Pwnage. Now the phone does work, unlock worked, but it is randomly rebooting and locking up if I do not use the phone.

    Any way to check if this is caused by the upgrade or the phone itself? Is there a way to wipe /everything/ from the phone and start new? I have downgraded to stock 2.0 firmware and it does the same thing, and done many a restore.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    I know that the best way to upgrade to 2.X firmware is to upgrade to 1.1.4 prior to doing this. This is what the dev team suggested. I'm not sure if its still stands but that may be why you are getting this problem. What were the steps you did when you pwned your device?

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    I went straight from 1.02 to 2.02, built a firmware in Pwnage, put the phone in DFU and did a restore in iTunes.

    I know there was a virginizer for the old 1.1.1 firmware, does such a thing exist to use currently?

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    there are two elements of the phone that can easily be changed - baseband and bootloader, re virginizing the seczone sucks *** - trust me, and after you update past 1.1.1 you can't just run the old viginizing tool anyway (the one that fixes the seczone)

    i managed, using terminal on the phone (1.1.4) to replace the seczone, wasn't fun, don't recommend it, but i had similar problems to you and going to 2.0.1 fixed it (more than altering the seczone anyway)

    also - i should have asked before - was the 1.02fw unlocked? or cracked? if not then there is no real reason that virginizing would fix it

    just DFU to normal 1.1.4 (not hacked) use iliberty+ to kick out of recovery mode (the DFU restore will fail at the end cause of the baseband) then use the advanced tab to activate, unlock whatever and also downgrade the baseband to match 1.1.4

    then see if that works - or go straight back up to 2.x.x - play around, see what works

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    I'll give that a shot.
    But yes the phone was unlocked prior to upgrading.

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    Can't seem to DFU back to 1.14, fails right away with error 1600.

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    hmmm i don't know what that error means, it may have something to do with the version of itunes you are using, i always used 7.5 when i had 1.1.4 - checking some of the other threads here could help,

    also there is a sticky here about downgrading 2.0 to 1.1.4 - see what is says, it should help, or at least address some of you problems

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    Finally got it down to 1.14 by following the stickies, but my lockup issue still exists.
    Phone works great if you don't stop using it, sitting will cause it to lockup or reboot at random intervals.

    Does anyone know if there are logs or a dmesg I can look at to see why its rebooting?

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    hmmm it's a long shot but you could try keeping the phone 'fresh' for a day or two, see it the problem continues. So DFU i clean fw1.1.4 - then activate and unlock with iliberty+ and nothing more. or do the same with winpwn with a version 2.x.x - but don't put anything else on. don't even connect the thing to itunes, no contacts or anything on the phone. i was under the impression at one point that syncing with outlook 2007 was causing these reboots.

    don't give up

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    Thats where I am at right now; an activated 1.14 only and it is still locking up.
    Ironically while the phone was stuck pre activation on 1.14 it seemed to be fine. I left it for a good hour and came back to it working ok, but it may have rebooted while I was gone.

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