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I'll sell the idea, iPhone on it's own sucks. You have to pay for everything and the basic functionality is missing loads of stuff. What's missing: you can only switch phone on and off, jailbreak and install sbsettings gives you lots of options now to restart springboard. Sold already. 2) mail - great but why can't I delete all the mail in one go, jailbreak and install delete mail, go settings and turn it on, now i can delete all my mail. Sold. 3) I want to play a game but don't want the hassle of going through I tunes refund procedure if It doesn't work. Jailbreak and ********** will give you everything for free and with ********** you can become a legend if you crack everything. Nowadays there are too many legends and every app is available for free, woo hoo downside app developers might just give up in end. 4) BBC I player, this wasn't available in app store so I jailbroke it and boom there it is in Cydia. 5) iPorn - an app fir porn well is there anything else that would sell a jailbroken option.
pirating is not aloud on this site