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Thread: Quick Pwnage Questions

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    Hello, I am completely new. I just bought a used 8GB 1st Gen iPhone from eBay, and have not recieved the product yet, but I have a few quick questions that I can't find the answers exactly to, so I am hoping some of you guys will help me.

    First of all, the guide on this site is for Pwnage 2.0.2, and if going by the guide, it says you can jailbreak with 2.0.1 firmware. I am not sure of what firmware my phone will have, but I am assuming if it's anything lower, I can just update to 2.0.1 using iTunes, and then go about the guide? Correct? Also, the guide is for Pwnage 2.0.2, but 2.0.3 is the newest version, so I am wondering if the same process goes to jailbreak 2.0.2 Firmware, if I wanted to instead of 2.0.1? Or is 2.0.1 a more stable jailbreak firmware? I am completely unsure of these things.

    And lastly, I am an AT&T customer, so I am going to be using my account and adding on a Data Plan, so I do not intend to unlock, so do I just go how the guide says, and do not unlock the phone? After restoring and then jailbreaking, would I then just put in my SIM card, and activate with iTunes?

    If this makes any sense, then I hope someone can help me out. I am just looking for the best firmware to jailbreak, whether it be 2.0.1 or 2.0.2. I have read a lot of problems concerning Mail and YouTube and other things concerning 2.0.2, so I am wondering if it would be best to just be on 2.0.1, and then use the guide.


    Bump? I'd like some help, come on guys.

    Even if you aren't even sure, just give me some feedback.
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    Get the phone, and see what FW it has on it. You can use ZiPhone to Jailbreak anything up to 1.1.4, but if it's beyond that and on 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 use QuickPwn RCS. It's an easy process. Make sure you download the correct FW that is on your phone to your Desktop, cause you'll need it later.

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    So, what if it's below 2.0. Can I update to say 2.0.1, using iTunes, and then download the 2.0.1 Firmware, and then go about the pwnage process? I am more interested in 2.0 firmware than the 1.X.X firmware. So, my question is if it's below 2.0, do I just update it by running the 2.0.1 firmware, or do I click update when in iTunes?

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    No matter what version it has just download Pwnage tool for OSX and upgrade it to the newest version using the program.

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