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Thread: Wondering if i should upgrade to 1.1.3

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    Default Wondering if i should upgrade to 1.1.3
    I know there are some apps that will be incompatible or have some issues with 1.1.3 (im on a jailbroken 1.1.2 now) but i was wondering what some exact cons would be to upgrading. im tempted to do it right now....but judging from how things usually work (e.g. the lowest firmware is best because it has less security and therefore you can do more things with it) i didnt want to jump the gun

    so i guess i could start off by telling you what apps i have on right now and if anything would go wrong with me upgrading

    Iphysics 1.0.1

    Ipinball level pack

    coolcosmos's mind blowing level pack


    community sources

    bsd subsystem

    open ssh

    summerboard (old)

    bigboss themes pack


    bsd subsystem 2.0 termfix

    boss tool

    iphone home

    p.s. would customize work on 1.1.3 because i cant seem to get it working on 1.1.2

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    As of right now all the apps you listed work, if not straight up then with a some type of work around... i.e. customize.

    I think that 1.1.1 is the best and the most stable firmware.

    I upgraded to 1.1.3, it was a pain to unlock(back when I did it), the volume is lower than 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 w/ the volume fix...

    the chat apps do not work unless you edit some plist files...

    And I do not reccomend using bosstool on 1.1.3 to move apps to the media folder, it messed my phone up! It was a nightmare...

    basically you have to read up on things if they dont work, and all you're getting is a few feature which you can have on 1.1.1 using other apps... i.e. LocateME, Customize...

    so I'd say stay in 1.1.1

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    thanks for your help

    i guess i could update and do the chat client workaround thing....thats not to much of a big deal for me

    and i guess i wont miss boss tool anyways (i just downloaded it to check how much space i had left on my partition) and im sure theyll come out with an updated version soon enough anyways

    and one more there anything i have to worry about with a week 41 phone and updating it via the upgrade app i downloaded from installer?

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    I am runnning 1.1.1 and my ringer volume sucks, and also my speakerphone volume. Is there a fix for this that you know of? I installed "audio amp" and it did nothing to improve the volume on my phone..can you help me with this?

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    SMS order gets messed up at times on 1.1.3, that can be annoying. Anyway u update to 1.1.3 that is, it's not a jailbreak problem.

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    if i were to update now, should i go to 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 and will i have to reinstall all of my apps and customize and smb extras?

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