Could anyone please tell me how I can get my 8 gig totally whipped so that it is as it was OTB 1.0.2?
At this time it is now unlocked, jailbroken, and upgraded to version 1.1.2.
My daughter came home to visit and well she really likes my sons iPhone, (16 gig) so I want to take my iphone and make it as if its OTB 1.0.2, and update it to 1.1.3.

I am hoping that if anyone could offer me the education I could then restore it, and then upgrade it?
I am not sure if I have to re-virginize the phone, or can I just shift restore down to a 1.0.2?
Do I have to go all the way back to 1.0.2?

Once restored to 1.0.,2 I was wondering if I could just run a normal upgrade via iTunes (no shift)?

My daughter is a ATT customer so it does not have to be unlocked, and for some reason she does not want it jailbroken either.
She wants to be able to walk into a Apple store if she has a problem and not get hassled that its been tampered with.

She goes back to school tomorrow morning.