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Thread: Guide - Tether Iphone over usb

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    Default Guide - Tether Iphone over usb
    Not everyone has wifi on their computers and some don't have it on their laptops. So we deceided to write this article up to discuss the details of the process. Also if you read our tethering guide over wifi it only discussed the use of firefox as where in this article we will cover a better way which will allow firefox, remote desktop, vnc, etc.

    We are doing this tutorial using an Iphone 3G 2.0.2 JB, so of course you will need a jailbroken phone.

    There will be 4 different pieces of software that we will be using.

    1 will be 3proxy (proxy server itself)
    2 mobile terminal (to start the proxy)
    3 proxifier (distributes proxy on pc)
    4 iphone_tunnel (to create the proxy tuneel)

    Ok So lets start with setting up the software on the Iphone.

    - Browse over to cydia and select the search tab
    - type in 3proxy and you should find the 3proxy application
    - click on it and then hit install at the to right
    - after it installs go back to cydia and click search again
    - this time type mobileterminal and you should find the app
    - again select it and hit install on the top right

    You are done with the phone install now.

    Now to your desktop. Head over to our application section and download proxifier and iphone_tunnel. Download both the files and extract into a easy to remember folder we are using ciphone. It should look like something below.

    Launch Proxifier and configure it, you will only need to do this once. Click Options then Proxy Settings.

    Click Add

    In the address field type in port 1080
    chose socks version 5

    Click Ok now exit the program, so the settings save.

    Now that we have all our software ready and setup we can begin. This is the only steps you will need to follow to tether from now on, the above steps are just initial setup.

    Step 1.

    Start a command prompt window by going to start - > run - "cmd" without quotes.
    browse over to your folder where you extracted the files and type in the following command without quotes "iphone_tunnel.exe 1080 1080"

    Step 2

    Grab your iphone and start the mobile terminal application.
    When it launches type "socks" without the quotes.

    To initiate the proxy, start Safari and load the webpage.
    You are done on the phone side.

    Step 3.

    Launch proxifier and test your connection.
    Click options then proxy settings and click the check button.
    If you configured everything your proxy should now pass both test.

    You can then test connecting using such programs as RDP(Remote desktop) or firefox(web browsers), there is no need to configure any proxy settings for any of these programs as proxifier takes care of all that.

    When working correctly should look something like this.

    Full article with screen shots here
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    I am getting an error when I enter in CMD on Vista
    iphone_tunnel.exe 1080 1080

    The error says
    ItunesMobileDevice.dll not found

    YES Itunes 8 is on this PC

    any suggestions?

    Also should my WIFI on my PC be turned off and edge is on the Iphone

    Thanks all

    iPhone 4
    4.1 Firmware

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    yes search your pc for itunesmobiledevice.dll and copy it into your iphone_tunnel folder, the one thats in there is for itunes 7.7.X thats why its not working

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