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Thread: HELP ASAP. no software intalled do know how to put it back on.

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    Default HELP ASAP. no software intalled do know how to put it back on.
    i download 2.0.1 and am trying to istall it onto my softwareless iphone which i foolishly erase all data on. i downloaded the firmware from this site and don't know how to get it on the phone. i am currently in the desert and i can't hook up to the internet (the computer that i have itunes on). so does anyone know how i can get the firmware on my phone using itunes or whatever it takes

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    Ok, so you have access to the Internet, so download iTunes, download the necessary apps like ZiPhone (it helps get your iPhone into DFU mode with one click), and just Restore. Basically, you can't Restore w/o iTunes, so see if you can install it to the PC you're posting from.

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    well, the computer i'm posting from is a government computer. so i can't install itunes on it. i do have itunes on my personal and i have the firmware which i download from this site. is it possible to put the download (2.0.1) into itunes some how and install without being online? or should i just find a way to get my personal computer online?

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    If you have iTunes on your PC, and also have the FW on your PC, you can shift-click Restore and select it right from your PC. You can still use ZiPhone to put your phone into DFU mode. I use that app cause it's easier than holding the buttons down, that's all. All you need to do is run ZiPhone, click the DFU button to get your phone into the DFU Restore mode, take out your SIM for now, then run iTunes on your PC. It'll see that there's a phonbe in DFU mode and make you Restore. Hold the shift button down when you click the Restore button. You'll get a pop-up window, so go and select the FW on your PC where-ever you saved it. Helps if it's on your Desktop. Then select and restore. This might not work the first time. I ran into some freezing issues with my 1st Gen phone while trying to Restore, but it did eventually work. I'm just giving you the steps I followed to the letter. COPY? Hope it works fast for ya bro. -fin HOOAH!

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