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    Default Usage Stats...
    I did a jailbreak on my phone a couple nights ago and haven't had any real issues. Takes a lil while to browse around and whatnot to get somethings done but whatever.
    This is kind of trivial but I'm sure there's a ton of other people just like me who like every little thing to be working correctly.
    After doing the jailbreak the usage statistics bar in settings is just blank. Before the jailbreak it had the hours and minutes on the bar and when you tapped it, it took you into the details. When I go into the details now, the bars under "Time since last full charge" just have a couple of dashes instead of the usage and standby times. Is this fixable or something I'll just have to accept?

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    For some odd reason when your springboard restarts (spinning wheel, then back to the lock screen) the usage is reset. On a jailed phone, nothing restarts the springboard, but after a jailbreak many things cause it. Installing new programs through installer will cause an automatic respring, changing a theme in summerboard, etc. Its a hacker way of getting the phone to reflect recent changes without having to reboot.

    You can prevent your usage stats from getting reset by "force killing" (hold the home button for six seconds) installer or summerboard and then manually rebooting (hold the lock button then "slide to power off"). It takes a little more time, but preserves your usage. I personally would like to see installer have an option to allow you to choose whether or not to respring, but its free, so I cant complain.

    Hope that helped!

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    Sorry, double post
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