Hey, i recently got a new iphone 3g and jailbroke it with quickpwn. Everything was fine for about 2 days, I had loaded a bunch of apps on the phone and everything was working as it should. Then all of a sudden today, the ipod app on the phone stopped working. I clicked it and it said I had no music loaded onto the iphone, when in fact I had a gig or 2 on there. Also, none of the ipod icons on the springboard were responding, and none were highlighted. I hit the home button to go back home and then reopened the ipod several times but nothing changed. I resynched with my computer and it synched fine and all my songs on the iphone showed up in itunes, but the phone still says no music. I restored the phone to factory settings, and then loaded music on and it showed up, everything was working fine with the ipod again. I did the jailbreak again with the latest quickpwn and 2.0.2 firmware, and it said everything was successful, but now the ipod screen says no music again, and it appears frozen not allowing my to click between screens from the springboard, but I can still easily get back to the home page and back again to the ipod.

I know this was long but I don't know what else to do. Any help would be great! I have restored my phone several times, and did the jailbreak again several times and the problem is still not fixed.