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Thread: Noob here - Where to start?

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    Default Noob here - Where to start?
    Hey guys,
    I just bought a used iPhone on eBay (not 3g), and while I'm waiting on it to get here I thought I would start learning what I could do with it. I'm pretty experienced in the cell phone modding realm. I've hacked Moto Linux phones (A1200, etc) like crazy (custom fw, software, overclocking, etc) and I've done similar with Blackberries (yes, i'm betraying my BB brothers - they hate u guys over at the BB forums btw lol), but I'm completely unfamiliar with the iPhone and Apple software. And if theres one thing I've learned its that you can't learn too much before you attempt something new.

    Is there a definitions thread where I can learn some of the basic terminology used around here?

    I'm not sure what FW my iPhone will have when it gets here, but I would like to jailbreak the phone and unlock it to work on T-Mobile (I'm probably just going to keep my $20 data plan that I was using with my BB Curve) and get the firmware up to 2.0 (unless theres a reason I should go with an older FW).

    I can follow directions well and I'm an IT professional so given the right information hopefully I won't have *too* many problems.

    I'm working off of Windows XP btw. Whats my first steps? Is there a list of 'Must Read' threads somewhere?

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    It's pretty easy these days with the tools readily available. If you're getting a 1st Generation iPhone, and say it's on FW (Firmware) 1.1.4, you could download ZiPhone from the downloads section here, and with its super easy GUI click to unlock and Jailbreak. There are other apps that do this too. WinPwn, and even QuickPwn, but I would suggest going with ZiPhone for now since it's easy and does the job. (For 2G iPhones only, not for the 3G). When you get the phone and if you have ANY questions, just post here and I'll check-in daily t help walk ya through it. Others are always around to lend a hand too.


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    With your background, it will be a breeze. Surely, there will be some hiccups here and there, but nothing that can't be fixed.

    Welcome to the forum.

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    Default thanks
    thanks for the info guys. From what I've read so far it seems that FW 1.1.4 is more stable than the newer 2.0.x FW (especially for jailbreaking and unlocking for other carriers). Is this the case? What is the main advantage of the 2.0 FW? I don't really want to have to go through all of the extra little fixes that 2.0 seems to require to work on TMo if it doesn't offer something substantial.

    I'm more interested in the multitude of home brew apps than I am in the latest and greatest from Apple. Speaking of which, how do you go about loading custom apps onto the iPhone. I know on Linux based phones you downloaded an installer and then used that installer program to install other programs that were distributed as packages. Is it a similar process for the iPhone, and if so do most of the jailbreak/unlock tools include this when they jailbreak the phone?

    n00b questions..i know

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    I'm in the same boat as you. Getting my first iPhone in the mail tomorrow and I need to learn how to make it work with T-Mo. Mine is a 2.0.2, from what I've read I should just be able to use the PwnWin tool to unlock it correct? I've also heard that I may have to tape something to my SIM to get it to recognize the T-Mo SIM, can anyone confirm or deny this for me?

    TIA guys, you've got a great forum here and I look forward to many hours I'll prolly spend here.

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    Folks, go to where there are guides to do everything you will want to do as soon as you get your iphones. Ziphone is not recommended by anyone nowadays...!
    Quickpwn or the soon to be released (today) Winpwn will handle every firmware up to the latest 2.0.2 version for JB and unlock.
    In the meantime, get iTunes onto your PC and get yourself an itunes account for apps, etc. Enjoy!

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    Thanks scudder, checking out now.

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