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Thread: Yet another CHALLENGE for ifone Experts

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    Default Yet another CHALLENGE for ifone Experts
    Hi...ah..wat to say than i screwed my OTB 1.0.2...has now unusable due to several up/downgardes...the last which i did was to upgrade to 1.1.3 and when i couldnt unlock it downgraded it to 1.1.1 and then to short what i have now is a 1.0.2 yellow triangle which stays there as long as i dont dock it...the moment i do it...JUNK IS DISPLAYED ON SCREEN...which a perpetual action of Junk and auto Reboot....i cant get hold of the system anymore...PLZ HELP....

    please...i have spent hell of an amount on my iphone...plz.....


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    Please clarify "junk" I don't understand..

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    Hi, i had this problem but don't worry i managed to get out of it. First with your phone in the dock hold the sleep and home buttons till your phone turns off then release the sleep button and wait for itunes to recgonise it, it will take 30 seconds or so, It should now be in the special dfu mode. Now shift+restore your iphone to 1.1.2, and after the restore you may get an error but use a program like ibrickr to kick the phone out of recovery mode. Once on 1.1.2 you now need to downgrade to 1.1.1 using the shift+restore method, once again itunes may display an error but use ibrickr to kick ur phone out of recovery. Once on 1.1.1 use the jailbreakme method to jailbreak and activate. Next use your chosen method ( i dont know the details as you have 3.9 bootloader, different to mine, but anysim1.2.1u should do it) to unlock your baseband, after the unlock you may still get no service don't worry though this is normal. Now install oktoprep and then shift+update to 1.1.2 once again. Once on 1.1.2 you need to dock the iphone and run the 1.1.2 jailbreak. Once jailbroken use the dev team 1.1.3 soft upgrade from installer to upgrade to 1.1.3 unlocked.

    hope this helps, any problems let me know and i will help you out on msn,
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    By a load of junk he/she means that there is a load of white text/code displayed. Oh and btw when you do the sleep+home thing, you need to do it imediately after the iphone has restarted after displaying the "junk", and just hold it till it turns off, the white text will display again but don't worry, your phone will go black, then release the sleep button and keep hold of the home until itunes recognises it.

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