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Thread: Got stuck upgrading from 1.1.4 to 2.0.2 IMMEDIATEHELP guys?

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    Default Got stuck upgrading from 1.1.4 to 2.0.2 IMMEDIATEHELP guys?
    Ok, I was (am) upgrading from 1.1.4 to 2.0.2 through iTunes. I have a 1st Gen iPhone that was jailbroken. Tonight, after a lot of consideration, I decided to connect to iTunes and upgrade to the latest firmware. Everything seemed to go ok, til the progress bar on the "Restoring iPhone Software..." got stuck at about the 75% range. It's still there actually. Didn't wanna yank the plug since it's been stuck for about 40 minutes now. Is this common? Now, I'm on an Alienware laptop running Windows XP. Haven't rebooted my laptop all day. Can I stop this mid-process, reboot, and start over and will that help? Can I still recoup my contacts et al if something goes wrong? -fin

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    Check to make sure Itunes is still responding (task manager). But it shouldnt take nearly that long.

    You should be able to place the phone in DFU mode and restore again, if you have to re-boot.


    1. Itunes up, plug phone into computer.

    2. Hold down power button 5 seconds.

    3. WITHOUT LETTING GO OF POWER BUTTON, now hold down home button (which means, now holding both) for 10 seconds.

    4. Let go of power button and continue holding home button until Itunes recognizes phone (usually around 10-20 seconds).

    5. Start restore again.

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    Task Manager says it's still responding, but now it's been almost an hour that it's been stuck. Is it ok to jst re-boot my PC and start this over? I read somewhere that re-booting the PC helps for some reason. ??

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    I would. You'll most likely have to place the phone in DFU mode now to do anything.

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    you will still have your contacts and what not if your iphone was backed up on itunes. when your setting up your ipod just hit restore to your old settings. dont set up as new.

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    Ok, now I'm stuck on "Restoring iPhone Software.." ugh. Went into DFU mode, iTunes recognized it, even saw a little bubble message pop-up saying I had an iPhone in DFU mode, and on iTunes, all categories are "N/A", and it said "Preparing to restore iPhone", done, then the progress bar got stuck at 98% on "Restoring iPhone Software..." wtf? Why is this so difficult now? I did this time and time again, but anything above 1.1.4 is giving me these issues? Is there anything else I can do, use, to speed this up?

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    Lastly, I would try re-downloading the firmware file again. You could have gotten a bad download and thats why its not completing. Make sense?

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    So Shift-Restore and choose the file from my Desktop? I have it on my desktop, but was letting iTunes to do all the downloading and upgrading etc.

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    ^^ That should work fine.

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    ok, "Preparing iPhone Software for Restore.." Any clue as to the average wait-time on this little process? In the past it was so easy. Now I'm questioning every step since it's taking so long.

    btw, thanks for hangin out and helping me try to square-away my phone.

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    That usually take several minutes, almost enough to make you wonder.

    No problem, that what we are here for, however I am gonna go to bed its almost 2am here

    Pm me if you get it working.
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    Ok, tried all night. Nothing. It just keeps getting stuck at about the 95% progress and doesn't finish. I have no idea now.

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    Are you going legal? If you want your phone to be unlocked, activated and jailbroken, you have to use pwnage tool or winpwn to build a custom firmware from iTunes legal firmware. If you install iTunes legal firmware, you can actually brick your phone.

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    No, it was all legal. No unlock ever since I'm an at&t customer.


    Ok, so I went to work w/o a phone for the first time since the Dark Ages, aka "The Early Nineties", and it was horrible. So, after work I decided to buy the 3G. I need a backup phone anyway right?...right? So then I come home and decide to try and Restore once again, this time I forgot to put my SIM back in, and ya know what, IT WORKED! I can't stress that part enough...TAKE OUT THE SIM! It seemed to do the trick IMMEDIATELY! Also, these are the EXACT steps I followed JUST in-case someone else gets stuck doing this:

    1) Take SIM out
    2) iTunes running
    3) Opened ZiPhone, plugged phone into USB cable/port, and clicked the easy DFU button. Saves a lot of time trying to do it manually.
    4) Now, after iTunes recognized my phone I SHIFT, selected the firmware (1.1.4) that I wanted to Restore to, and clicked. That was it. All done in about 10 mins or even less. Seemed to just fly by. ***The SIM out of the phone IMHO was what made this work. Why? Who the hell knows, but for now that's what I'm attributing this success too.

    So now I have a jailbroken 3G and a 1st GEN 2.0.2 jailbroken phone. yay? :P

    Thanks to EVERYONE that posted and tried to help me. Without you, the members of this community, I'd still be playin with my balls and not my phones. Thanks! -fin

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    just a quick addition - im sure many people out there have the same fear of patching - is there a way to restore an iphone to it's stock jailed state before applying any patches? remove all the applications that are jailbroken? would that have been a better preparation for patching?

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    ^^I like jailbreaking on a "clean" phone, via just restored. I does make a big difference.

    ronfin44 - Im glad your playing with your phone, and not your........

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    haha yeah, it's fun modding both at the same time to have two seperate phones with different styles.

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