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Thread: problem while updating plz help

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    Default problem while updating plz help
    I updated to 2.2 and then i started jailbreakin with ZiPhone and it was taking i cancelled it.
    then in iTunes it said my phone doesnt have the right simcard in, so i needed to activate my simcard for my phone to work with itunes.
    winpwn n quickpwn arent working wen i try using it
    i dont kno wat to do

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    You need to give a lot more information. Ziphone doesn't work on 2.0 and above.

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    well i had my phone on 2.0
    i clicked update in itunes to update to 2.2
    after it updated i tried to unlock n jailbreak with ZiPhone, and it was stuck tryn to get it into recovery mode, after a while i just cancelled it.
    then in itunes it said i had to restore my phone for it to work, so i clicked restore, after it restored itunes said that my simcard is not the proper simcard and such. there is no option to update or restore my iphone in itunes n e more, it just shows the thing about the simcard

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    Like mentionned, ziphone doesn't work on 2.X and above. You need pwnage tool (mac) or winpwn or quickpwn (pc). Look around on this forum or for the proper steps

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    winpwn and quickpwn are both not workin wen i try to unlock

    help anyone?
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    Do you have a valid firmware? Winpwn should work perfectly. Quickpwn is for 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 only. For quickpwn, you have to have 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 itunes software and then use quickpwn to jailbreak your phone. Winpwn permits you to custom build a firmware and then use the newly created firmware to restore your phone. You need to be more specific as to why winpwn and quickpwn are not working. What are the steps that you are taking?

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    This is what happens when people don't READ before they try something. ZiPhone doesn't work above 1.1.4, so now you're stuck, but only for the time being. Now, I've never seen the SIM Card error. Are you an at&t customer? Is it an at&t SIM Card? Restoring your phone can be done with the SIM Card out, so I don't know why that's even an issue. Take the SIM out and try to Restore. Lemme know if you're successful. Now, you CAN use ZiPhone to get your phone into DFU mode, but DON'T try to Jailbreak any FW above 1.1.4. Ok? Once you're Restored if the SIM still gives you that error, you can go get another SIM from at&t for FREE (they didn't charge for a new one before that is).

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