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Thread: How to set SMS not readable until Unlock Screen?

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    Default How to set SMS not readable until Unlock Screen?
    I jailbroke my 3g before, and it somehow came with the ability to not be able to read txt or see **** like that until you unlock the screen.

    Well, now I had to restore, and I jailbroke again, and it doesn't have this feature.

    Is there an app that handles this?

    It would make noise that I got an SMS, but it wouldn't turn on the screen, and I would have to turn it on and slide to unlock to read it. I loved it!

    Good for privacy too in case some chick has your phone that you don't want to have your life known to.

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    you can turn off sms preview with Kate. Download it from installer

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    you may want to check out some of the other sms programs on cydia. You have to pay for Kate. Some of the others might do what you want for free.


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    Do *NOT* download and install the program called something like "Psy" or "PSI" or whatever the hell.. it's some sort of SMS blocking program. After you install it, you no longer get vibrates when in silent mode for txts!!!

    It completely messed me up.. I restored my phone because I didn't know what was causing that issue.. I found out and BAM I removed that puppy. Whew!

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    Under settings, General, Passcode lock, you can turn off SMS Preview. And then when you get a txt it will not say the text, only the name of who sent it. Hope that helps. If not then you might need an app off Cydia.

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