I upgraded my phone from 1.1.4 to 2.0 using winpwn and the method on the simon blog. Everything worked fine, except when I connected it to itunes and tried to restore the backup. I waited for it to finish the process, and then when it restarted, there was nothing back in my phone except for my favorites, that too in number form. No contacts, text messages, nothing. I did the right click option in itunes of backup restore several times but didn't work.
Then I read on some forum I should do the erase all content thing in order to get it to read it as a new phone. I waited for about 2 hours for it to finish the erasing process, but then when it restarted, it would show the processing ring and it would get stuck. After several restarts, I got nothing. I'm doing the whole restore process again now. But the problem is how do I get my data back? Any way of doing it manually? Please help me, this is very frustrating and I've done everything I possibly could.