Read so many people having problems that I thought I'd switch it around a bit here. Don't get me wrong I've had my problems too. I found my 2g iphone is smiling all the time now with the 2.0.1 via winpwn. I like everyone else did the quickpwn to 2.0.2, but think the 2g iphone struggle with it, well at least my did. I couldn't change backgrounds,message alerts,winterboard had no options.......etc

I since restore with Itunes and used winpwn adding custom boot images as well of course Since then, the iphone as settled down. All works, and not come across any problem at all. I even think the camera as improved slightly! I'm just saying if you've had the same problem as above,you might sleep better at night if you do what I've done. I've felt your pain and all the headaches. I've posted questions in here and waited for a hero to help me. But now I'm Happy

What I would like to know is, what are the recommened apps to install on a 2.0.1 iphone? I have installer and Cydia. Regards