Just bought a 1.1.4 unlocked off ebay, everything was running smooth for about 3 days, and then decided to upgrade to 2.0...

Everything was going well, until the phone was finally on and bootneuter was doing its thing, and my buddy decides it's a good idea to press some **** in Itunes while I was getting a drink. just canceled and turned off obviously, and for about 5 hours yestrerday, I have been trying to fix it.

Now, alot of people seemed to have great success with posidens guide, but I can't even get it to restore once (step 7-8), I will get anything ranging from error 1601-1605 to 1, 5, 0....And yes I got into dfu mode correctly, I did it for hourssss on end.

So basically is this phone done? I want to know so I can sell it for parts and get a fricking working one! Thank you anyone that helps.