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Thread: What If I Dont Care About Being Unlocked/Pwned Anymore

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    Default What If I Dont Care About Being Unlocked/Pwned Anymore
    Apologies if this has been answered before but a quick search returned no good result.

    anyways, i have a 2.0 unlocked and pwned iphone which i was able to do thanks to this forum!

    the reason why i did it was becaue i was leaving out of the country and wanted to use a plug and play prepaid sim card in Asia.

    Now that im back, i dont really care so much.

    so can i just update 2.02 through itunes with 0 problems? what exactly should i expect upon doing this?

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    You should probably restore. That will clear everything out and give you 2.0.2 Just remember to back up everything so you can Restore from backup.

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    restore to what? lol im a nubz

    at this point, cant i just click download and install on itunes?

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    You can, and once itunes finishes, set the phone up as a new phone not from a backup b/c you might have some issue if you do it that way. You will have to input your email acct's.

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    do i just lose email accnts? or do i lose everything? meaning texts, contacts?

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    I would just sync, and then upgrade to 2.0.2. Then restore from backup if you need to.

    Then....IF you have any problems on 2.0.2 (which I doubt), you can always restore again using the option of setting the phone up as new.

    This way, you get everything back as it is now (email, call history, phone settings/preferences, notes, voicemail, sms history, etc). If you have to go back and restore/setup as a new phone, then all you've really lost is 15-45 minutes.


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