Hey guys,

I've been erading and reading on about jailbreaks, unlocks etc. And i never fouind a thread with problems and there fixes so here we go.

heres the story i was running on a 1.1.1 otb iphone, upgraded and jailbroke to 1.1.2 then as soon as nate true jailbreak came i decided to give it a shot.

Everything seemed fine, but for some reason i coulndt use the locate me feature, and some other things were not working, so i decided to go back to 1.1.2. I downgraded and off course lost all my 900+ contacts.

anyway so i upgraded to the official dev team 1.1.3 jailbreak and so far everything seems to be working fine except, safari crashes every once in a while, and i cannot access my email with the mail button. Does anyone have a fix for that (not for natetrues jailbreak, but for the dev teams jailbreak)