Upgraded from 1.1.2 jailbroken locked to AT&T phone yesterday. This is the second time I've upgraded. First time had too many glitches and I restored back to 1.1.1 to 1.1.2. This time all went very smooth. Even got Swirly MMS and Tune Wiki working. Used Boss Tool to move applications and got hung up when ringtones and wallpaper moved but not Applications. Thanks to a thread on this site, I was able to manually make a symlink and get everything back in order, Problem is I've lost the calculator. It is still in private/var/Applications but it doesn't show up on springboard. I've checked and rechecked and all permissions are set to 0755 but still no go. I've even removed it and then ssh it back into the folder. Still no go. I tried placing it in the root/Applications folder (which now has a symlink) and calculator appears on springboard but then crashes after it starts up. I know I'm overlooking something, I just can't figure out what. Any help would be appreciated. This is my last hangup on 1.1.3