i upgraded through 1.1.2 with a jailbreak with no problems and here what happened:

1. updated to 1.1.3 by using special ibrickr which i let download the 1.1.3 update itself but when it finally finished i was not on 1.1.3 so i used installer and did the 1.1.3 software update from there which placed the update icon on my homescreen. ooh i also never downgraded my firmware during this process.

2. when finished i had 1.1.3 activated with installer and a working wifi connection

3. i tried the big boss pref fix through installer and now i have no wifi or edge.

4. i uninstalled the pref fix and tried resetting network / everything etc... but i can no longer get wifi to work either. it can see my network and i can input my network key and it shows connected

5. itunes syncs phone fires up fine but without wifi or edge i am stuck

6. i have ssh installed and when i go to settings wifi i see my network and enter my network key and it shows connected but i never pull an ip address and neither safari or installer will work now

it took forever to get this far and i feel like this should be fixable but i am at a loss? my guess is that i can somehow terminal (mac) or whatever i would need if windows xp makes it easier (vmware fusion) into the iphone to replace the couple of files that i assume are preventing me from getting wifi to stick and work and my edge to work?

i would really like to fix it without starting over so if anyone has a solution i would greatly appreciate it.