I have the 1st gen iPhone and as I went to sync it with iTunes to put some new music on my phone, and once I plugged it in, it showed up in itunes for a second, and then just rebooted. Once the reboot finished, it didn't show up in iTunes, after a few moments I unplugged and then replugged in the usb cord. It shows up now in iTunes, but almost all of my music is now in the other area. I can only assume that it's my music since the phone now says I have 8 albums on it(about 300Mb) when before the last sync I had 32 & the other area jumped from 200MB to more than 2Gigs

I was wondering, where are the itunes songs stored, is it something that I can get to by SSHing into the phone via Wincsp(sp)?.,. if not, I'm assuming the 'easiest' way is to restore back to 1.1.4, which should wipe everything out? inculuding contacts, text messages, photos, etc?