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Thread: No Caller ID after upgrade software 2.0.2

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    Default No Caller ID after upgrade software 2.0.2
    I updated the software on my iPhone the other day and have lost the caller ID when someone calls. Is there anyone out there can help. I reinstalled the phone and it is not hacked (yet0, but I'm running a xsim. It was working until the update!!!


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    I have a 3G using YESSIM as the unlock and v 2.0.2 firmware also does not show caller id. Numbers in address book are all in international format, so only the numbers show up rather than the contact name...

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    Hi guys i had the same problem, but there is a fix in Installer its called "CallerID Fix"

    so you try that

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    I have an iphone in mozambique and i had the same issue, but i followed this:

    The following are the steps to get your caller id back into working condition if you just pwned your iPhone to the latest 2.0 FW. This was also called the AppSupport Patch… Well actually its still called the same, only Apple modified the way they were doing it and the location.

    CAUTION: If you do not know what OpenSSH, WinSCP are, then you should stop right now.

    Step 1: Install OpenSSH from Cydia (found easily in featured apps)

    Step 2: Restart iPhone

    Step 3: Use winscp to connect to the iPhone via your IP address Username:root Password: alpine

    Step 4: Download this file RapidShare: Easy Filehosting and extract it to your desktop

    Step 5: Navigate to the following folders on your iPhone using WinSCP or FUGU and replace the following files:



    with files from ZIP

    Step 6: Restart iPhone

    Step 7: Enjoy!

    Steps to make it work with your country :

    Step 1 : Open PhoneNumberTemplates.plist in Wordpad or any decent text editor.
    Step 2 : Look for the key with your country code. eg. for India it was “in”.
    Step 3: you will see something like this :
    <string>91</string> <— Country Code
    <string>00</string> <— Zeros at the beginning of an international Number
    <string>0</string> <— Zeros before a local number
    <integer>2</integer> <— This is the length of the prefix number (denoted by x)
    <integer>8</integer> <— This is the length of the actual number(denoted by y)
    Step 4 : Add more of these arrays consisting of 3 string values and 2 integer values to make appsupport work.

    The above array works for a number of the format as the following:

    Internation Format: 00 91 xx yyyyyyyy
    Local Format : 0 xx yyyyyyyy

    Hope this helps….

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