My iPhone is as follows:

Modem Firmware - 04.02.13_G
Bootloader Version - 4.6_M3S2
Iphone Firmware - 1.1.3 Dev Team Jailbreak

I think my iPhone was 1.1.1 when I bought it however I unlocked/jailbroke it and was using it on 1.1.2 and had all third party apps working and everything was fine however I stupidly didnt resist/didnt look into the effects of upgrading to 1.1.3 and now my iphone does the following:

- Freezes when trying to make call before eventually cancelling the call.
- The keyboard when making text messages freezes before catching up with what I have tried to type.
- Sound has gone.
- Everything loads slowly
- Its like being on a very laggy internet connection. when using iPhone generally.

According to my iPhone serial number it would have been made in the 43rd week.

The problems have only happened since I made the upgrade to 1.1.3 using the official development team upgrade.

I know I shouldnt have upgraded and am regretting it but need help!!

All help appreciated!