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Thread: Downgrading 2G iPhone FW 2.0.2 to FW 2.0.1

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    Default Downgrading 2G iPhone FW 2.0.2 to FW 2.0.1
    Great, so I have a brand new unactivated iPhone 2G (from an apple warranty return) and wanted to unlock by upgrading to FW 2.0.1 and then using Pwnage 2.0.1. Unfortunately I didn't realize what I was doing and upgraded all the way to the new iPhone FW 2.0.2. I've tried to downgrade by putting the phone into recovery mode and restoring by finding the 2.0.1 update in the library/itunes. It crashes with an error almost instantly. Is it possible to downgrade to FW 2.0.1 from FW 2.02.

    Any help would be most appreciated.


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    It probably will be doable but not until someone figures out if you can do it with this version of itunes. My guess would be to use pwnage tool and put your phone in DFU mode and install the custom 2.0.1 firmware built with pwnage tool. This should bring you back down to 2.0.1. Try it out and let me know if it worked.

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    try putting the phone in DFU mode first. Dont get mixed up your iphone will look like its turned of when in DFU mode with a black screen. You will se a cable and itunes message when in recovery mode.

    Theres a post on here telling you how to jailbrake FW2.0,2 check out new posts and you should find it.

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    thanks both, I actually was able to get back to an activated 1.1.4 and now will upgrade only to 2.01 with pwnage 2.02, thanks again.

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    Default also in same boat
    I just puchased a 2g 16g with the 2.0.2 upgrade/update

    Is there a how to so that i can return it to the 2.0.1 version so i can unlock it so i can use it with the tmoile network.

    Ill be running a windows xp computer (dont know if this helps)

    1. Is this possible?

    2.if so, What version of software will i need (where to get it)

    3. And is there how to guide

    thank you very much

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    How did you get back to 1.1.4 from 2.0.2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorenzinho View Post
    thanks both, I actually was able to get back to an activated 1.1.4 and now will upgrade only to 2.01 with pwnage 2.02, thanks again.
    hey i did the same thing what u did can u help me to repeat the whole process how u did this bcoz m stuck and frustrated with 2.0.2 firmware, by accident i did quickpwn, everytg went through bt no network ....i cant make any call's ....i believe i did the same mistake what u did before ....need help me with ur steps..A to Z...please...

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    i updated my i phone to fw 2.0.2 and cant seem to unlock it or jailbreak ...any help???

    can you tell me exactly how you did it? from A to Z? i have the same problem ugh
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    Same for me. I installed 2.0.2. Used Quick WinPwn or something like that. Worked everything but no i am trying to go back to 1.14 but Kiphone cant be downloaded i am stuck in nowhere and totally confused and helpless....and baout to go mad!!!!
    Please anyone help?!

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    try itunes 7.5 method to downgrade to 1.1.4(do a search on this) worked for me, hope this helps!!

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    Habs geschafft mit der downgraderei. War ein echter hick-hack aber nach einem guten Tag lesearbeit habe ich es dann geschafft. Jetzt bin ich wieder auf 1.14 und happy damit.

    Wie war das noch: Dont touch a working system!!!?

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