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Thread: frustrated about 1.1.3 (SpringBoard crash/dead after refresh)

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    Default frustrated about 1.1.3 (SpringBoard crash/dead after refresh)
    Hello there,
    I'm very frustrated about this 1.1.3 update, my iphone kepp crashing to death....
    This is my update procedure :

    - Itunes update to 1.1.3
    - back to 1.1.1
    - jailbreak to 1.1.2
    - jailbreak dev team to 1.1.3
    - OpenSSH and BSD system installed
    - big update with all the sources
    - Installed : Categories, SMB first
    - BossTool to move fonts and ringtones
    - Re import musics, videos and contacts from Itunes

    Ok from now everything is fine then I start to install stuff, and then the big problem the iphone at some random point when I'm gonna exit from Installer it start to update something and it stay with the spinning icon.... and then automatically reboot and stay froze to the apple logo...

    Then The phone is not completely dead I can still connect with totalcommander but not ssh, also other times is keep vibrating 3 times every 10 second...

    Any Solution? I'm very frustrated about this thing.. I'm restoring the phone every day since 2 weeks ago

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    Someone please help.. I'm having the same problem, everything was working fine untill I installed the Guitar Hero III mod for TTR. Springboard crashes continuously at the apple logo with the spinning dots loading thingie. I had already moved all my apps with BossTool, and all of the other apps I had installed were working fine before this happened.

    I need my phone back.. and I REALLY dont want stock 1.1.3 OR to have to re-jaibreak AGAIN... (I'm on like my 3rd time for damn buggy dev team version...)

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    Default This happened to me to
    I'm sure you both have already restored your phones but i noticed that when my iphone did this i noticed the dock application still active so i knew the phones springboard was still active. All you have to do is plug it in to your computer (MAC) open independence reinstall ssh and then ssh the phone using fugu or W/E to delete TTR all together.

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