Hi guys!

ive got 2 first gen iphone. Both of the iphones had 1.1.4.

1. The first iphone (is mine) has lost wifi since a couple months, after upgrading, downgrading, i dont know exactly. Since noone had the same problem i couldnt figure out what was the problem, why i lost my wifi. After pwnage tool has arrived, i decided to upgrade it to 2.0.1 maybe this will solve my problem. Everything was doing good, the tool is OK, software is now 2.0.1 but still no wifi (and bluetooth). But i thought maybe this is some kind of hardware issue i cant solve. BUT

2. I asked my girlfriend to give me her iphone for a day, i will upgrade it to the newest software, she will be happy, etc. etc. Had to say, that her iphones had Wifi!!!, withoud any problems! So i used the pwnage tool again, it was finished without problems, but when the phone restarted i realized, no WIFI, no Bluetooth here too!!!!

so i know this is not a hardware error, something is messes up my wifi/bluetooth. Please because i really dont want to die today, give me some help how to get wifi back:S

(when i press wi-fi, then new panel comes in, and next to the "choose a network" sign there is a little circle. Its moving for about 1 sec, then disappear, then nothing:SSSS)

thank you:P