I have all features of 1.1.3 however my version number states 1.1.2
I restored to 1.1.1. and jailbroke that using the *#307# option. There after i ran oktoprep and updated to 1.1.2 then ran the windows.bat jailbreak method. I then installed BSD and ran the Official 1.1.3 Upgrade (dev team release). Once that completed i upgrade installed and then installed categories. I created 5 categories but left them empty, installed boss tools and moved apps, ringtones and theme. I then installed Boss Pref. For the most part i restarted the phone after each install. I then went and tried to install summerboard and thats when it stated i required 1.1.3. I checked my firmware and it states 1.1.2 but i have all 1.1.3 features

What gives?,