sorry, it's me again. well, i downgraded my iphone from a 2.0.1 to 2.0. I did this so I could be able to make calls from the iphone when I insert my sim card which says cingular on it from my samsung cellphone into the iphone. Instead it does not work and tells me to activate it. my iphone does work though with the original sim card in it like the internet, youtube, ipod, and mail work, but not the phone because my dad cancelled it.

what can i do to make my iphone be able to make and recieve calls when i put my own sim card from my samsung cellphone into it? that is all i am asking. i don't want any new programs on it like app tapp or what ever, just all the original features on it and a phone to make calls without having to pay the two year contract thing or activate it. i have a 2nd generation iphone with 8gb, and a version of 2.0, and i have at&t.