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Thread: Upgrading - scared newbie

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    Default Upgrading - scared newbie
    about 1 year ago I got my Iphone, only 3 in the country at that time (not many more yet)anyway, pluged into Itune to transfer my Ipod stuff. Itune tells me new firmware available, not knowing the whole story about AT&T, ticked yes, guess what, I was the proud owner of a working Iphone for about 2 hours, kindly he sorted it out. I now still have 1.02 of course installer is not working anymore. I do not know what he used to jailbreak it and he is out of the country & not available for the moment. I want to upgrade to 1.14 but I do not know what he used to jailbreak it in the 1st place. Can I use any of the programs? eg. WinPwn. Do not want to lock myself out again but need to upgrade the firmware. Thank you for being patient with the clueless

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    If you use a PC, yes download winpwn and make sure you have a valide ipsw file of the 1.1.4. You can find it here: Alles fürs Jailbreaken - Downloads |

    You will also need a copy of the 3.9 and 4.6 bin files. You can find them in the forums @

    Don't worry it is not complicated. Follow the steps in this video tutorial. How to Update iPhone Firmware 1.1.4 to 2.0.1 via WinPwn (VIDEO)!

    Let me know if you have any problems.

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    Thank you very much, have downloaded all the files, checked the video. Going for it tomorrow morning, getting late in this corner of the world and want todo this with a clear head. Is my Itune version important, have 7.4.1.Will let you know how it went

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    Make sure you have the latest itunes. Download it from Apple If you have any questions, let me know.

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    OK Hit some problem, use WinPwn as I am still on firmware 1.02. quite a bit different from, no cydya or installer, downloaded it but said there was a url parser error? got a bit worried about the difference between the video and the Winpng I have, so stopped. I am scared to loose my contacts that would be catastrophic. I have backed them up but still. Now it want me to restore the file I saved but it is not correct (not the same as the video) do I need to 1st do 1.1.1 and then 1.1.4? and use Winpng, sorry about being such a pest but after my initial experience I am a bit jittery, I think if I had again the logo "please insert you AT&t card I will throw the thing thru the window, well not really @ $1300 they go here for....thank you again. Going to have a valium now with a stiff drink LOL

    went right to the end with Winpng, was different but downloaded Cydia + Installer all went well but when I came to restore it could not do, kept on getting error 1601, is it because I am still on 1.0.2? and I can not get directly from 1.0.2 to 1.1.4, from what I seem to understand I need to do 1.1.1 1st. Thanks or all the help, fell secure now in doing it but need to know why I cannot restore. Did everything else correctly

    had to insist, now have the dreaded message "please insert a valid sim card", it has reset to factory default. Will now try to unlock from scratch. got nothing to loose anymore

    SUCCESS THANK YOU... all I did at the end was to change the Itune DLLs. But used a stupid program called "Iphone PCsuite to backup my contact and of course it is not restoring them. AGAIN A MILLION THANKS YOU ARE THE BEST
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