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Thread: upgreding from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 firmware

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    Default upgreding from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 firmware
    i have an 8gig iphone which is unloocked and im currently using a pay as you go sim card, i recently used the installer icon to install something called ants and an other thing called aquarium but since i done this my installer icon has dissapeared? i dont seem to have the function on my iphone where you touch an icon and it wobbles then you can move it around? is this because of my 1.1.2 firmware? it seems also as though my phone does not move icons onto a new page and it will just replace icons on the main screen instead of adding to them, i have only had the phone a couple months and am not a very technical person but would really appreciate any advice and the best and easiest way to upgrade to 1.1.4. Thanks

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    fw 1.2 doesn't support 'the wobbles' so don't worry there, it's not an error.

    As for the icon are you sure there isn't a 2nd screen? Are there two little dots above the bottom dock? Above the mail and safari icons? If so then you should have another screen. Swipe your finger to the left.

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    i have looked at two other iphones one is my friends other one is my partners and they are both 1.1.4 firmware and they both have the little dots which indicate how many pages there are, but my phone doesnt have this and i cant scroll to another page? I have no idea why this is?? HELP!!! lol

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    there is no other page because you never installed summerboard or SMBprefs which is required for page scrolling. only thing to do now is use ssh or iphonebrowser and delete some unneeded apps to push installer back to page 1. when u go in with iphonebrowser you can delete ants and aquarium. both are completly useless.

    or you can jus upgrade to 114 or 2.0.1 but read around and become more technical. the iphone wont do stuff on its own. it can only be as cool and operable as you make it
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