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Thread: How do i re-virginize my 3G

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    Default How do i re-virginize my 3G
    Hey, i want to re-virginize my iphone so i can take it into the genious bar so they don't freak out, can anyone fill me in on what to do?

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    You can just restore with the one from Apple.

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    if i upgrade to the new firmware, is it possible to know that my phone was previously jailbroken, or will all be fine?

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    No, it relocks your phone. Everyone who upgraded had to rejailbreak their phone.

    You should be okay.

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    hit restore and set it up as a new device so it doesnt sync and you are all set. im on my 5th iphone already =]
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    The 3G phones cannot be unlocked which means your baseband had not been patched or modified so there is no reason to "virginize". To undo a jailbreak restore in iTunes to the stock firmware and you're back to factory status.

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    I just want to clarify a point before I go ahead and restore my iPhone 3G:

    I had a brand new 3G iPhone with 2.0 FW, jailbroke it to 2.0.1, and now I want to bring it back to regular 2.0. Does just clicking restore in iTunes actually restore it to 2.0? I would assume it would restore it to factory settings, but with 2.0.1, since it's the current FW... yes? no?

    I was thinking that to restore it to 2.0 I'd have to DL the 2.0 FW, and pwn iTunes and do the shift+restore thing to trick it into restoring with 2.0 FW..?

    How right/wrong am I on this?

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    You should no have to PWN iTunes. What you will need to do is download the 2.0 firmware. Then, just shift+click or option+click restore and then point iTunes to the 2.0 firmware.
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    Why downgrade from 2.0.1 to 2.0?

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    i found an iphone called the coffee shop to see if any one was missing one for about a month nothing so i took out the sim then restored it now all i get is no sim card installed message and at the bottom just says slide to unlock and when i put my sim in it says invalid sim what do i do

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