just thought i would help some of the people lke me who arent really sure what they are doing, i was up all night and all day at work 'testing". So if you want to test i hope this will speed things up for you so you CAN get some sleep.

ok, like everyone else i want to be on 1.1.3 ASAP, however i loaded the ibrickr version and ended up with a dysfuntional 1.1.3, but for the most part it worked. then i read about not loading it yet etc. So i tried to load it again, and voila i ended up with 1.1.3 that needs to be activated because i have an att sim with no contract.

What to do what to do? after 24 hours of testing, i realized i could at worst get back to a fully functional 1.1.2. in only aout an hour of time. get my drift? the point being, here are the secrets so you can test without worry that you will be bricked till they come up with a fix.

the first thing you need to realize, is that there are millions of repositories and you need to prepare to use them. to start, be familiar with shai and big boss. you have those 2 repos and you will be able to get all of them through their all sources progs.

so you are on useless 113, dont spend a whole night tinkering, you can do it quickly and try the 113 thing over and over again and maybe get it right.
while you are in 113 jailbroken, though useless, you can still use installer to find a program called baseband info 1.1. this is so you can make sure your bootloader isnt 4.6. if it isnt, move on.

DFU your phone, and restore to 1.1.1. when its done, you dont want to try going back up from there because you will only get no service unless you have an iphone activated sim. so from there, you need to jailbreak your 1.1.1. which will be useless to you. But this is where it gets good.

From the jailbroken 111 with bad sim error meaning you have 113 baseband, you need to add all the repos. adding them all just makes it easier to find the files you need quickly. after adding as many sources as you can, you need to find the downgrade baseband 113-102 file. when you find it, you need to read "more info" as it will tell you a couple other progs to install and a quick easy terminal vt process to run.

if properly executed, it will run a bunch of stuff and finish at a command line promp. Once that is done, you need to find the re-virginise file. same thing, read the more info and follow instructions to a tee.

Once that is run, you are free to get your sim active again. Just DFU your phone again and restore to 1.1.1 and jalibreakme.com the usual way. and now you will have an USEFUL 1.1.1. Of course you may as well OKtoPREP and upgrade to 1.1.2 as it will be absolutely no problem and you will have an active sim on 1.1.2.

point being it took me a good 24 hours to realize it only takes about 1 hour to get my phone back up in a pinch.