I installed 1.1.3 Jalbroken via Installer (OTB 1.1.2) .

All seemed to work fine , till i got the space issue when installing apps .

I installed BossTools to move the apps to the larger partition .

Now some probs ! :

1> A whole bunch of programs i either uninstalled or else were hidden after the install are now showing up on the home screen .
(I remove by re-installing and uninstalling again)

2> Field Test , Demo(something) and Contacts are showing up on the Home screen . (I know they are part of the iphone and suppose to be hidden)

3> The Weblinks on the home screen dont work anymore and Safari lost the 1.1.3 ability to add Bookmarks to the Home screen .

The iphone is still "113" as i can move icons around etc.. but it is really strange . Can I and is it worth me fixing these probs individually ? or should i restore and go back to 1.1.2 ?