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Thread: Need help upgrading from 1.0.2..PLZZZ...DESPRATE!!!!!

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    Default Need help upgrading from 1.0.2..PLZZZ...DESPRATE!!!!!
    ok i have 1.0.2 unlockd by anySIM (which means if i upgrade to 1.1.1 i will brick the phone) and i want to upgrade to i know i have to virginize it...but every method i try doesnt work, i cant even download the installer, i can download the 2.63 version and ill click refresh and it says upgrade but wh'en i upgrade it to the newest one 3.08b or something like that it says "error filesize mismatch!"...and i have restored it and doen the samething over like ten times...still wont work...then i tried a different method like calling your self at the activation screen and adding contacts then going to a website, but the website wont download the app called appsnapp, ill click download appsnapp, it will take me back to the activation screen...and ill wait there and it doesnt do i manually restart it.....doesnt work i end up at the activation screen again. and iv tried that many times too.SO I NEED HEEELLLLPPP!!!!!ANY IDEAS??????

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    You want to go to 1.1.3 STOCK? or Jailbreak that then too? The word is that if you upgrade via itunes to 1.1.3, it sends your phone back to factory fresh. Then you can downgrade back to 1.1.1 and and jailbreak from there. Check around....pretty sure thats the deal!

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    naw i want it jailbroken.....

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    right....but you can downgrade from 1.1.3 using the tutorial in here, and then jailbreak using the 1.1.2 method.............

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    which tutorial

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    Along the same line. I have an iPhone that HAD 1.0.2 and was jailbroken & unlocked and worked on T-Mobile.
    I wanted to upgrade to 1.1.2 and maybe 1.1.3.
    I followed the instructions to VIRGINIZE my phone here:

    This worked, and then on the same location I started to restore the phone, but went right to 1.1.2 and then was unable to jailbreak it.

    I tried to downgrade it to 1.1.1 AND 1.0.2, but I get a "pairing error".

    I need step by step instructions (for dummies) on HOW to downgrade this phone so I can jailbreak & unlock so I can use my phone again!!!


    MAC OS X
    iTunes 7.6
    iPhone WAS 1.0.2 and now is 1.1.2


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