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Thread: Changing IMEI on iPhone 3G

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    Default who ever will create this will make alot of people rich
    i'm surprised there isn't enough motivation.

    and i'm pretty sure this thing exists already
    i can't believe that all these UK blacklisted phone go down the drain just because they are blacklisted.
    i'll check the Russian websites, all the English website don't show any results for changing imei on iphone 3g.

    this thing is totally stupid that att like to charge me more because i use iphone... this is a ripoff..
    its a phone like any other phone.

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    Default Pleas let me know
    I would also like to know more info if you find anything. We currently have 3 iphones on our family plan. 2 of us pay the $30 iphone data plan(even though we are connected via wi-fi 95% of the time and use very little of AT&T's precious resources) My 11 year old daughter was given an iphone by my father and she just had a media net plan $10.
    She just received a text message that they moved her to an iphone data plan. This really sucks because she can not use her phone through the day at school (Cell phones aren't allowed - Don't get me started there!) And then when she does use her phone (browsing or games) she is on our home wi-fi. Checking her data usage on AT&T website shows MINIMAL!
    Therefore I would like to be able to find a way to HIDE her iphone IMEI from AT&T. I'm gonna take her RAZR into the AT&T store and see what they say about the data plan.

    BUT PLEASE KEEP US ALL POSTED on what you find out!

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    They will continue to change it back to the iPhone data plan when you keep putting it in the iPhone. Only the 2G was cabable of changing the IMEI and also noted that it is illegal to change an IMEI. Going to the store with the sim in the razor will only change it for a little bit then they will kick it right back when they do a "sweep" again. IMEIs are seen when using data or making a phone call on the network.
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    Hey guys - I've got another question. Is there anyway that I can use another data plan for my daughters iphone? Like the MediaNet plan? I still think it's crazy to pay $40 a month for my 11 year old.

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    I just called and gave them another IMEI and said someone stole my iPhone. Worked forever. Now I just pay cause it's pretty useless without it.

    Long time reader. I don't care if you have 1 million post.

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    Anyone has any updates on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaMpiR View Post
    Anyone has any updates on this?
    Sure- it is not possible on anything over the 2G and will never be. The people that can possibly do it don't care enough to do it. It is not as easy as you might think (compared to the 2G) and it's enough work to keep up with jailbreaking (which earns money through app sales) and unlocking (which is more universally beneficial and less legally questionable). Even if anyone was going to try to make something work, they would certainly focus on the iP4 now, and again, that if very unlikely.

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    Maybe I will try to contact some of the dev teams, this thing has a lot of potential. I would need the same thing for Iphone 4 as well...

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    This thread has a lot of misinformation...

    First of all, the I in IMEI stands for "International". It's a standard. So no matter what country you bought your iPhone 3G in, the first eight digits are going to reflect the specific model number of your phone. It's not a top-secret database, in fact you can find lists on Wikipedia. That is how AT&T identifies what type of phone you're using.

    As far as the interest in providing software to modify or spoof the IMEI, I just don't think its there. The legal ramifications, combined with the sheer amount of effort required by devs to hack the baseband, make this a cost-prohibitive venture.

    The only usefulness for this in the US would be to trick AT&T in to letting people use cheaper data plans...but in reality, how many people are still left on legacy data plans? I have no idea, but I'm willing to be it's not nearly enough to justify the development of this hack.

    Outside the US it's illegal to spoof an IMEI because carriers actually act responsibly (unlike AT&T) and blacklist any IMEI reported as stolen. So outside of the US all this would do is encourage theft of iPhones and cause a huge headache for carriers as duplicate and fake IMEIs float around their network. Is this really what we want?

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    so, has anyone successfully changed an IMEI number on an iphone 3g ?

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    Probably not. It isn't an easy task, nor should it be done. It's illegal regardless of what others may say. The usual use of this is for criminals to clone an IMEI and use somebody else's for personal benefit. It's quite an offense.

    I don't know why this thread isn't closed really, we don't condone illegal acts.

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