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Thread: Changing IMEI on iPhone 3G

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    Quote Originally Posted by billj63 View Post
    It pretty much masked the IMEI.
    and it is not illegal in the USA.

    So would AT&T understand a European imei?
    Yes, thats why i said it didn't truly do it.

    It will not work for two reasons.
    1. We don't have a tool to change the IMEI.
    2. AT&T = USA Its unlikely it will play nice.

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    Why dont u just call up at&t mobility as yourself and tell them you want to use your sim card with another phone you acquired? You don't have to tell them that its an iphone.

    At AT&T mobility do they have a way of tracking the IMEI's of Iphone 3g?

    or a way to detect if you are using an iphone 3g if u tell them you are using an iphone 2g?
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    Well you arent supposed to use ANY iphone.
    And yeah they do track it.

    I had picked up a hardware unlock thinking maybe it would help, but when i called up Customer Care the recording says "For help with your iPhone 3G features press 1"
    i was like... crap. lol

    But can the US track a Canadian or European phone's IMEI?

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    Will they let you use the iphone 2g on your account and still keep your discount?

    I know that I Have a discount on my phone as well, When I ordered my phone I did it through the corporate store, or else I would not be able to keep my discount. If I went through the apple store the same thing would have happened. iI would have lost my discount. So I waited the 2 weeks to get the phone, and prepaid for it.

    Perhaps you can goto a corporate store in your area. Or call one up and ask them. In my case it worked for me, I was able to keep my discount while still having the iphone.

    Let me know what happens with the sim card. I am interested to know if that somehow masks the IMEI as well.

    Also for protection of your phone check this out: [ame=""]Golden Shellback Waterproof Coating on Vimeo[/ame]

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    We have been told many many many many times on many different occasions that we cannot have the 1st gen or 2nd gen iphone

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    Try This:

    Use the Turbo Sim. Apparently I have heard rumors that it masks your IMEI number on the phone somehow. It is used to unlock the Iphone 3G.

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    simple answer is you cant sorry

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    It simply amazes me that as far as we've gotten into the unlock of the 3g one has figured out how to mask or change the imei...WOW!

    I'm anxiously awaiting it for my son's 1st generation iphone. I do not have an iphone plan for him; and when i checked my account information on at&t's site, its showing he has the iphone but they have not changed his plan to the iphone account, whew!

    I'm sure if I did this with the new 3g, they would have probably sent me those free text messages as decribed by a previous poster, don't think they care too much for what we do with the 1st generation anymore.


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    any updates on this?

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    in time they will find your sons 2-g phone and add it. Sometimes it takes months, but they will get it!

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    Anyone has any updates regarding this?

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    I am interested in spoofing the IMEI also.

    If it hasnt been created yet (im sure it has, but not released or released but waaaaay underground), then it couldnt be too difficult to do, right? I mean the phone is opened up full (jailbroken) so all you would need to do is find out how the IMEI is reported through the process(es) and somehow spoof the digits....
    Ofcourse, I speak from a non-programming background. So I wouldnt know where to begin. But would be nice if someone a little more knowledgeable added their 2c.


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    Smile Also support possibility of change imei on iPhone 3g
    First one need time,then Either a Pawnage tool to use with a Apple Computer or a Software like iPhonuBox if im not wrong in the name. Its a software that u can browse the iPhone and its roots.
    Find and edit files

    I would like 2 crack this one

    Sorry i wrote them so big ppl
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    Any update?

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    Out of luck! that only happened with the 1st Gen! The only way is to get one that is factory unlocked and mod from every angle:
    SIM -
    PTN -

    Those three are the one that have been modified on the assembly line, it would only tell what are the capabilities of the cell phone! and just because of these, the are so costly to buy. Mine's are all like These!

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    Found the following from another forum.

    Hide/Cloak hacked iPhone existance from Carrier (AT&T) : Possible? - Hackint0sh

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    Yes you can change IMEI...but its very technical...

    You need to dump your seczone, and decrypt 0x10 bytes at x0B00 offset. It will be BCD packed. You can change it and re-encrypt it. Then you need to use a changed loader to put it back on the phone.

    Not for the faint of heart, but definitely doable ;-)

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    ^+1. If the IMEI is stored in a writeable (not ROM) area, it can be changed. It will be difficult and terribly challenging. Will something else break? Maybe Can it be done? With the right resources, tools, and information - yes.

    @relax: care to share your sources and tools
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    Well, then, this is where it comes to the experts to make a tool to do it automatically! Please?!

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    @Max. It's not going to happen . While it may technically be possible, there's just not enough information or expertise or motivation for something as complex as this. JMHO

    It would be far cheaper to buy another phone (hahaha)
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    wow if you buy a locked 3g or 3gs fone fron the uk it will work in the states or any european country.and as the imei number is generated in another country were it was would not be trackable by at&t as there database would only cover usa registered phones.there a fone companynot interpol.this is as plain as the nose on your all my american friends .get on ebay and help yourself to 3gs iphones from the uk at bargain prices

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