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Thread: How to install iphone games / applications without Cydia or SSH in ISPW

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    Default How to install iphone games / applications without Cydia or SSH in ISPW
    Thought id share somthing i just tried and worked.

    You want to install iphone games and applications, but if like me, want to keep your phone as stock as possible (no Cydia, no SSH or any of that) then this is how you do it.

    1-Create a custom firmware using the latest pwnage
    2-Do not select Cydia, packages or anything else (unless you want to unlock / neuter etc)
    3-When pwnage tool asks you for your admin password, around 3/4 of the way through the process - DO NOT ENTER IT
    4-Look for the finder window that has opened on your desktop
    5-Navigate to navigate /System/Library/PrivateFrameWorks/MobileInstallation.framework
    6-Delete the file MobileInstallation
    7-Cope the modified MobileInstallation to this folder (I will not say where to get it, but the usual places for modified iphone stuff would have it)
    8-Get the info on the file and set all permissions to read/write
    9-Close the window
    10-Enter your password that was asked for earlier in pwnage tool.
    11-Continue as normal and flash your apparent vanilla ispw to your iphone.
    12- Sync one legit (free or purchased) iphone app or game to your iphone.

    This is the good bit, you now have a iphone with no cydia, no ssh nothing except a modified MobileInstallation framework!

    What does this mean? Well you can obtain IPA's of iPhone applications and games, double click them - they will import to the itunes applications section and you can sync them to your phone just like store bought applications! It also means you can also delete them directly from the iPhone using the hold-app-press-x method - No more SSH or Cydia.

    Hope people find this useful!
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    has anyone tried this yet?

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    No finder window opens when the password box comes up... I would like to try it... suggestions?

    **** I have always been able to take .ipa's from other people's iTunes, add them to my iTunes and sync them to my phone without any patch... am I missing something as to why we need this?
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    I have tried this method again with the new 2.0.2? firmware, it still works.

    To bouda - seems the new pwnage tool, dosnt display the window where you can copy files in during the process (when prompted for admin password)

    So instead, when prompted for admin password, search in finder for a volume named bigbear, you will then find the volume, be able to open it and copy in the installation framework as before - then after this continue and enter your admin password.

    All is working very nicely!

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    This is exactly what I want. But does it work for WinPwn?

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    the winpwn does not have that option this time but i thing it will have in the future

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    does it work with 2.0.2 3G iphone?
    permissions should be set to 777???

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    for 3g you must wait some time

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    isnt this considered warez? why do you need to install the mobileinstallation file ? that is what verifies if the apps from the app store are authorized

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    Some time ago the
    winpwn 1x has that fiture to include install programs from sources but the new 2.5 has that not.
    Will the 3.0 had that feature?

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    you can use ipa files to install app
    this site iPhone Application and iPod touch Application List lots of cracked ipa for download

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    No warez on MMI! I am surprised this thread wasn't closed or deleted.

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    Big no no here, you guys should read the stickies

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